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Pokud tento doklad se shoduje s uživatelskou příručku, návodem, vlastnostmi, schématy, kterou/é hledáte, stáhněte si ho nyní. Lastmanuals vám poskytuje rychlý a snadný přístup k uživatelské příručce SONY MDR-EX100IP. Doufáme, že uživatelská příručka pro SONY MDR-EX100IP bude pro Vás užitečná.

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Podrobný návod k použití je v uživatelské příručce.

[. . . ] • ZyXEL Web Site Please refer to www. zyxel. com for additional support documentation and product certifications. User Guide Feedback Help us help you. Send all User Guide-related comments, questions or suggestions for improvement to the following address, or use e-mail instead. The Technical Writing Team, ZyXEL Communications Corp. , 6 Innovation Road II, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, 300, Taiwan. E-mail: techwriters@zyxel. com. tw MDR-EX100IP User’s Guide 3 About This User's Guide Customer Support In the event of problems that cannot be solved by using this manual, you should contact your vendor. [. . . ] If you have chosen Off earlier for the WLAN Status the Wireless LAN will turn off between the two times you enter in these fields. Click Reset to reload the previous configuration for this screen. DESCRIPTION Select this to enable Wireless LAN scheduling. Wireless LAN Scheduling Day For the following times (24-Hour Format) Apply Reset 11. 11 WDS Screen A Wireless Distribution System is a wireless connection between two or more APs. Use this screen to set the operating mode of your MDR-EX100IP to AP + Bridge or Bridge Only and establish wireless links with other APs. You need to know the MAC address of the peer device, which also must be in bridge mode. Note: You must enable the same wireless security settings on the MDR-EX100IP and on all wireless clients that you want to associate with it. MDR-EX100IP User’s Guide 115 Chapter 11 Wireless LAN Click Network > Wireless LAN > WDS tab. The following screen opens with the Basic Setting set to Disabled, and Security Mode set to No Security. Figure 77 Network > Wireless LAN > WDS The following table describes the labels in this screen. Table 46 Network > Wireless LAN > WDS LABEL WDS Setup Basic Settings Select the operating mode for your MDR-EX100IP. • • AP + Bridge - The MDR-EX100IP functions as a bridge and access point simultaneously. Bridge - The MDR-EX100IP acts as a wireless network bridge and establishes wireless links with other APs. You need to know the MAC address of the peer device, which also must be in bridge mode. The MDR-EX100IP can establish up to five wireless links with other APs. DESCRIPTION Local MAC Address Phy Mode Remote MAC Address This is the MAC address of your MDR-EX100IP. This is the MAC address of the peer device that your MDR-EX100IP wants to make a bridge connection with. You can connect to up to 4 peer devices. Security EncrypType Select whether to use WEP, TKIP or AES encryption for your WDS connection in this field. IGMP (Internet Group Multicast Protocol) is a network-layer protocol used to establish membership in a multicast group - it is not used to carry user data. The MDR-EX100IP supports both IGMP version 1 (IGMP-v1) and IGMP version 2 (IGMPv2). At start up, the MDR-EX100IP queries all directly connected networks to gather group membership. IP multicasting can be enabled/disabled on the MDR-EX100IP LAN and/or WAN MDR-EX100IP User’s Guide 121 Chapter 12 WAN interfaces in the Web Configurator (LAN; WAN). Select None to disable IP multicasting on these interfaces. 12. 4 Internet Connection Use this screen to change your MDR-EX100IP’s Internet access settings. The screen differs according to the encapsulation you choose. 12. 4. 1 Ethernet Encapsulation This screen displays when you select Ethernet encapsulation. Figure 80 Network > WAN > Internet Connection: Ethernet Encapsulation 122 MDR-EX100IP User’s Guide Chapter 12 WAN The following table describes the labels in this screen. Table 47 Network > WAN > Internet Connection: Ethernet Encapsulation LABEL Encapsulation DESCRIPTION You must choose the Ethernet option when the WAN port is used as a regular Ethernet. This is the default selection. ISP Parameters for Internet Access WAN IP Address Assignment Get automatically from ISP (Default) Use Fixed IP Address IP Address IP Subnet Mask Gateway IP Address First DNS Server Second DNS Server Select this option If the ISP assigned a fixed IP address. Enter your WAN IP address in this field if you selected Use Fixed IP Address. Enter a Gateway IP Address (if your ISP gave you one) in this field. WAN DNS Assignment Select From ISP if your ISP dynamically assigns DNS server information (and the MDR-EX100IP's WAN IP address). The field to the right displays the (read-only) DNS server IP address that the ISP assigns. If you chose UserDefined, but leave the IP address set to 0. 0. 0. 0, User-Defined changes to None after you click Apply. [. . . ] You agree to reasonably communicate the terms and conditions of this License Agreement to those persons employed by you who come into contact with the Software, and to use reasonable best efforts to ensure their compliance with such terms and conditions, including, without limitation, not knowingly permitting such persons to use any portion of the Software for the purpose of deriving the source code of the Software. 6 No Warranty THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS. " TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ZyXEL DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ZyXEL DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE SOFTWARE WILL MEET ANY REQUIREMENTS OR NEEDS YOU MAY HAVE, OR THAT THE SOFTWARE WILL OPERATE ERROR FREE, OR IN AN UNINTERUPTED FASHION, OR THAT ANY DEFECTS OR ERRORS IN THE SOFTWARE WILL BE CORRECTED, OR THAT THE SOFTWARE IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY PARTICULAR PLATFORM. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE WAIVER OR EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES SO THEY MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. [. . . ]

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