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Pokud tento doklad se shoduje s uživatelskou příručku, návodem, vlastnostmi, schématy, kterou/é hledáte, stáhněte si ho nyní. Lastmanuals vám poskytuje rychlý a snadný přístup k uživatelské příručce SAMSUNG SGH-I900C. Doufáme, že uživatelská příručka pro SAMSUNG SGH-I900C bude pro Vás užitečná.

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[. . . ] user manual SGH-i900 Using this manual This user manual has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your device. For any topics not covered in this manual, please refer to the Help embedded in the Windows Mobile® 6 Professional operating system. Note--notes, usage tips, or additional information Refer to--pages with related information; for example: p. 12 (represents "see page 12") Instructional icons Before you start, familiarise yourself with the icons you will see in this manual: Warning--situations that could cause injury to yourself or others Caution--situations that could cause damage to your device or other equipment Followed by--the order of options or menus you must select to perform a step; for example: Tap Start Programs Camera (represents Start, followed by Programs, followed by Camera) ] Square brackets--device keys; for example: [ ] (represents the Power key) [ Copyrights and trademarks Rights to all technologies and products that comprise this device are the property of their respective owners: · This product includes software licensed from MS, an affiliate of the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft and software bearing the Microsoft name are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. [. . . ] When you are finished, tap . Clock Learn to set and control alarms, memorial days, and world clocks. When you are finished, tap Done. Mark a task as completed When you have completed a task, return to the Tasks screen (tap Start Programs Tasks) and tap the check box next to the task name. Once you have marked a task completed, you will no longer receive any scheduled reminders for that task. Stop an alarm When an alarm without snooze sounds, tap Dismiss. When an alarm with snooze sounds, tap Dismiss to stop it or Snooze to stop it with snooze. 60 Personal productivity Set a memorial day 1. Tap the top line of the screen and select Memorial day from the dropdown list. Tap OFF and select how many days before the memorial day you will see the notification. 3. Tap the top line of the screen and select Stop watch from the dropdown list. Tap the top line of the screen and select World Clock from the dropdown list. 5 Web 2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Learn to use Windows Live, Messenger, RSS Reader, Podcasts, Google Launcher, and Google Maps. For information about connecting to the internet and working with Internet Explorer and Opera Browser, refer to the Help on your device and the online help. Available programs may differ depending on your service provider or region. Messenger With Messenger, you can remain available to other users and stay up-todate with your email without a constant connection to the wireless web. When a new message arrives or you want to access internet services, the connection will be restored. Windows Live With Windows Live, you can stay in touch with friends and access information on the wireless web quickly. From the Today screen, tap Start Programs Windows Live. 62 Web Set up messenger and sign in 1. Scroll left or right to select your login status and tap Sign in. Chat with messenger 1. Enter a message in the text field at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Send. 4. While chatting, you can perform the following actions: · Insert emoticons: tap Menu Add emoticon · Transfer a file: tap Menu Send a file type a file · Invite a contact to chat: tap Menu Options Add participant · Record and send a voice clip: select Voice clip, record your voice clip, and then tap Send · Switch between contact list and chat: scroll left or right 5. To end the chat, tap Menu End conversation. 63 Web RSS Reader Learn to use RSS reader to get the latest news and information from your favourite websites. Enter a web address to subscribe to web feeds and tap Add. Podcasts Use Podcasts to access and enjoy online music services and create your own playlists. Search for audio and video files 1. Tap Menu New Subscription Online Search. Read latest contents 1. From the Today screen, tap Start Programs RSS Reader. 64 Web 4. Your device searches for related reports on the wireless web and displays the results. Scroll to the report and tap Add. Update the library Update the audio and video libraries, and playlists with new files. [. . . ] Your device package may include Windows Mobile Device Center or Microsoft ActiveSync software. If it is included, then you may install and use it in accordance with the license terms that are provided with it. If no license terms are provided, then you may install and use only one (1) copy of the software on a single computer. 8. If you are using a network, such as an employer network, the network administrator may limit features or functionality on your device. [. . . ]

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Lastmanuals nabízí služby sdílení, ukládání a vyhledávání manuálů pro použití hardware a software: Uživatelská příručka, Příručka pro rychlý start, technické listy ...
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