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[. . . ] Specific installation instructions for the installer are given in this booklet. !! ! This appliance has been designed for cooking edible foodstuffs only, and must not be used for any other purposes. Always stand back from the oven when opening the oven door during cooking or at the end of it to allow any build up of steam or heat to release. Appliances become very hot with use, and retain their heat for a long period after use. [. . . ] Turn the timer knob to maximum time position ("90"), then turn it back to set the required cooking time. When the cooking time is over, an acoustic alarm will sound and the oven will switch off automatically. Turn the timer knob on to set the oven on manual operation. 90 75 15 5 30 Fig. 4 20 0 45 150 60 21 Oven thermostat control light This light goes off when the oven heats up to the temperature set and comes on again every time the thermostat cuts in to stabilize temperature. Operating control light It indicates that one or more of the heating elements are turned on. Safety thermostat In order to avoid excessive overheating due to incorrect use of the appliance or else to a faulty component, the oven is equipped with a safety thermostat which cuts off the power supply if necessary. Operation is restored automatically when the oven temperature decreases to normal values. Therefore, if the thermostat cuts in because you have not been using the appliance correctly, the oven can be used again simply by waiting for the appliance to cool down. If, instead, the thermostat cuts in because of a faulty component, you should call the Service Department. The Cooling Fan for the Controls This oven is provided with a cooling fan, meant to keep the front panel, the knobs and the oven door handle cool. This fan may run on after the oven or grill is switched off, until a normal temperature is reached. 22 Hints and tips for using the oven Always cook with the oven door closed. The oven is supplied with an exclusive system which produces a natural circulation of air and the constant recycling of steam. This system makes it possible to cook in a steamy environment and keep the dishes soft inside and crusty outside. Moreover, the cooking time and energy consumption are reduced to a minimum. The meat can be cooked in a baking pan or else directly on the shelf - in this case a dripping pan must obviously be placed underneath the shelf to collect the juice. Should you cook very fat food, place the meat directly on the grill and the grill over the dripping pan in order not to dirty the oven. Once the meat is cooked, it is advisable to let it rest for at least 15 minutes before carving so that the juice does not seep out. To prevent the formation of too much smoke in the oven during roasting, it is a good idea to pour a little water into the dripping pan and--to prevent steam--to add a little bit more during cooking if the original amount dries up too much. Before serving, the various courses can be kept hot in the oven which should be turned down to the minimum temperature. - Do not place objects on the bottom of the oven and do not cover it with aluminium foil while cooking, as you can damage the enamelled surfaces and the food you are cooking. Always place pans, heat-resisting pans and aluminium foils on the oven shelves. - Be careful when you insert and extract the grid and the dripping pan from the oven in order not to damage the enamelled surfaces of the oven cavity. Cooking times Cooking times vary according to the type of food to be cooked, its consistency, and volume. We suggest that you take particular note of your first cooking experiments with the oven, since operating in the same conditions for the same dishes you will of course obtain similar results. Only experience will enable you to make the appropriate changes to values given on charts. Fan cooking Fig. 5 24 Cooking Tables Weight (gr. ) Traditional cooking and fan ducted cooking Traditional Cooking Cooking times in the table do not include pre-heating. We recommend to pre-heat the oven for about 10 minutes before cooking. Fan Cooking Level 4 3 2 1 TYPE OF DISH Cooking time Level 4 3 2 1 temp. °C 170 170 160 180 175 175 175 175 170 170 175 160 100 190 200 190 190 200 210 200 200 200 180 200 190 180 190 210 210 210 180 180 190 190 180 175 175 190 190 190 180 190 190 temp. [. . . ] Once the cleaning is carried out, refit the oven door, following the procedure in reverse. When the two small levers are placed again on the hinges, the door will have been accurately fit. Fig. 8 Replacing the oven light Disconnect the appliance from its power supply point. Unscrew the light bulb and replace it with a new heat-proof bulb (300°C) having the following features: - Operative tension: 230 V (50 Hz); - Power: 25 W; Fitting: E 14. [. . . ]

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